Why I Use Video to Market My Listings

This year I began using video to market most of my listings. As agents, we’ve been hearing this successive stream of information and data, pointing to a kind of new reality in real estate marketing. We hear of seemingly hyperbolic statistics like “listings with video receive 4x the engagement than listings without” or “85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video.” My initial reaction had been one of skepticism to these claims. Until I did a little research, and until I tried using video myself.

Basically, things are changing. The world is digital now. And that digital world is a moving, visual one. This means video is big. In fact, video is HUGE. I’m not big on statistics really, and trying to keep them in a busy real estate practice is next to impossible anyway. But what I can speak to is my anecdotal experience marketing listings this year and that experience was absolutely a positive one. There seemed to be more interest in my listings with video than in listings without, hands down. There seemed to be more excitement, more energy from potential buyers if they’d seen a good video of a home before they took a look at it (or before they wrote an offer). And I pay attention to these kinds of things. I pay attention to my gut feelings.

Here’s an example of one I did (the house sold this summer) with my videographer and photographer, Will Burcher with 3RD I Media.

This house was spectacular. There’s no better way to say it. And obviously not every listing is going to be like this one, but I think that they most of them can benefit. Having an actual video (and not one of those corny “tour” things with the robotic voices) attached to an MLS listing, or on my website, or on my Facebook page that folks can like and share and comment on, is part of that bit of “extra” that in the years of doing real estate in Colorado Springs, I’ve come to take pride in. I’m not shy about it; I want folks to know that I will go above and beyond for them and their listing. Here’s ANOTHER ONE on a smaller place I sold this summer.

I’ve decided that using video acknowledges honestly that new world we live in…where folks will see and judge something (especially something as important as a home that they might purchase) well before they step through the front door. And the reality is that they’ll make that judgment on Zillow or the MLS or on Facebook where hopefully they encounter my videos, front and center playing in all of their high definition glory.

Take a look at my YouTube Channel for other videos and definitely tell me what you think. Cheers!